Today’s outfit comes with a bulldog t-shirt, a new favourite find. Seoul is one of the best cities for shopping as they have tons of different small boutiques who sell inexpensive urban clothing. This is where I also found this bulldog t-shirt. Personally I like fashion more when it has an edgy-street look to it, that’s just my style. I’m really not a fan of dresses, just give me a boyfriend jeans, a white tee, a pair of sneakers and I’ll be happy. I love combining this bulldog shirt with this leather skirt as you can see in the pictures! Hope you like them, have a good week xo

bulldog t-shirt bulldog outfit bulldog t-shirtbulldog



If you’re a European -living in Seoul for a few months or more- you’ll start to crave ‘western’ food at some point of your stay. It is inevitable. I am craving brunch / breakfast foods all the time. Lucky you, Seoul provides a ton of restaurants that serve food that will satisfy your cravings, in my case pancakes.

Tune Up is one of those cafe’s that offers brunch: western style brunch. French toast, pancakes, scrambled eggs, omelettes you name it. So that’s what I did on Thursday, I visited my friend at Kyung Hee University who is also from the Netherlands and we got brunch. Needless to say I was extremely satisfied so I’ll share some #foodporn with you here. Also if you have an recommendations on good food places in Seoul, please let me know! I would love to try different cafés and restaurants. Have a lovely Sunday xo. 

IMG_0931 IMG_0936 IMG_0940


Hellooo, today I’ll bring you a stylish and affordable workout outfit!

I went to Forever 21 at Myeongdong and I was obsessed with all their athletic wear. Their workout clothing line right now is bomb. I’m obsessed with the workout clothes I got aah! Like I said everything in the pictures is from Forever 21, so run to a nearby store and grab some! Haha just kidding. But seriously, this workout gear is so affordable & comfortable. I’ve never bought any workout clothes from Forever 21, so I must say I’m pretty impressed.

workout outfit forever 21workout outfit SPORSTBRA FOREVER 21Workout outfit Forever 21

My love for fitness is growing and I would love to combine it with fashion. I have to search for internships soon and my dream would to have an internship with a sportswear brand so that I can combine both of my passions: fashion x fitness.


Hi guys, this week was Seoul Fashion Week aaah!

Sorry for the lack of posts,it’s been a crazy month of moving to another country. I’m here in Seoul for a semester at the university of Seoul. This week was SFW, and I was able to attend a show of YOUSER on Friday. I made a short video about the show. I absolutely loved the designs and the show: so dope. Seoul has more of a “street style” fashion week which I really like. Sneakers & oversized sweaters all the way. I noticed Korean people are really into fashion and they have their own style which is so much fun to watch! Check out the video of Youser f/w 2016 during Seoul Fashion Week below. Hope you all have a good weekend! XO E.